Petite & Proud

To all those beautiful petite humans out there, I want to dedicate this post to the ones who can not seem to find that perfect fit. I have a roommate who struggles to find clothes that fit her right, so I will not say I fully understand but I do see the struggle. I am going to have multiple places to find clothing for petite body types as well as garments that I think will be fitting for the upcoming seasons of Spring/Summer 2017.

8 Garments for the Season of the Petite


Mesh top
Petite Mesh Smock
Price: $22
100% Polyester

Tee + Corset
Petite Tee w/ Corset
Price: $25
100% Cotton

Cropped sweatshirt
Petite Cropped Sweatshirt
Price: $20

Shoulder Smock.jpg
Petite Smock Top
Price: $43
100% Polyester


Embroidered Shorts
Petite Denim Shorts
Price: $65
100% Cotton

Ripped mom jeans
Petite Ripped Mom Jeans
Price: $53
100% Cotton


Nude BodyCon
Petite Midi Bodycon Dress
Price: $43
100% Polyester

Balck Pep Dress
Petite Mini Dress w/ Pep Hem
Price: $43
100% Polyester

Here are some links to other clothing sites that accommodate the petite body type: ASOSBoohooTOPSHOPNordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and J.Crew.

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