The Truth about Plus Size Fashion

Our society has an ideal image of what beauty is and when  you think of society’s ideal image of beauty it is usually a white woman, blonde hair, thin, fit, perky breasts, tight butt, and a good smile. What you are not realizing is that only a tiny portion of women fit this criteria. Because I know when I go jean shopping I never find a pair that fit my waist and thighs at the same time, they are usually perfect on the thigh and loose on the waist or perfect on the waist and tight on my thighs. For the record, there are a lot of other problems with this industry and sizing, such as petite women, thick women matter too; it is easier to find clothes when you are small than it is when you are thick. I want to raise awareness that most women out there have wider waists and ticker thighs that deserve attention.

  1. Requirements for non-plus size models

Even when it comes to runway and the fashion industry models are expected to be 5’9”-6” tall, between the ages of 16-21, no more than 130 pounds, bust size 31″-34″, waist size 21″-24″, and hips should be between 30″-33″. This leaves women who are over this size to be considered a curvy or plus size model. Meaning that Gigi Hadid, the model below, is not considered ideal because her waist is “too wide” in the industry’s standards.

  1. No standardization on clothing sizes

The standard on the sizes for clothing are non-existent in the United States. For example, a pair of size 6 jeans at American Eagle is not the same size as a pair of size 6 jeans at ASOS. And at ASOS there are actually a variety of companies under there site that all have different sizing’s depending on the companies and there standards.


Did you know the average pant size of women in America is 16, yet most plus size models are size 8 and up, but do not usually exceed size 14.

  1. Outfit of the week for Plus Size

Here are some clothes from ASOS that are for curvy women specifically for size 14 and up.

Ribbed Long Sleeve Top              Peg Pants                Mink Bow Sleeve Jacket
$25                                     $38                                    $53

  Nude Satin Heels                   Bolo Bracelet                  Open Stone Ring
$32                                         $8                                     $18.50

One thought on “The Truth about Plus Size Fashion

  1. Susan Aydelott

    Everything that was written is so true.
    As soon as the models quit modeling and eat healthy they get to their normal size which is not a size 0 to size 6 weighing less than a hundred and twenty-five to one hundred and thirty pounds. Good article~ true facts!


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