Fair Trade Fashion

This blog is dedicated to all those people who are working in sweatshops and who are in poverty stricken environment. It is a major issue that we as a society need to recognize this epidemic, and grow to support fair trade. I will be sharing different clothing companies that are working against sweatshops, having safe, & clean environments for their employees. As well as, quality and respect towards their employees. Here are some Fair Trade Companies and Brands that have dedicated themselves to equality.

Fair Trade Brands

My Sister

            Feminist Unisex Tee                    “I Don’t Buy It” Unisex Tee
This company’s mission is to prevent sex trafficking, educate society, empower the population, provide after-care for survivors and offer help to at-risk women through the sales their products.


100% Human
This shirt is from a collection focusing on equality/human right, and not made in sweatshop like environments within the United States. For every item bought they donate $5 to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

ASOS Green Room

        Lightweight Wine Sweatshirt        Oversized Nude Pullover Hoodie 
Both of these garments are part of a project by ASOS and their mission to make less of a negative impact on our world, with a sustainable and equality outlook

Urban Renewal

Bleached Cosmic Sweatshirt

Vintage Denim Levi’s

Remade Bleached Denim Jacket

This is part of Urban Outfitters attempt to reuse old garments and make them into a recycled garment to limit waste withing our world.

Here is a list of other Fair Trade Companies to look at while online shopping:

Alternative Apparel
Mini Mioche
HOPE Made in the World

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