Closet Too Small?

Last night I was putting my laundry away and realized I was trying to do the impossible. I literally have no room in my closet for anymore clothes or items of any kind. I decided to make a blog dedicated to creating more space in different ways, because sometimes you just need a little help. For example, maybe you have a studio apartment and need to create a makeshift closet. Here are some helpful tips to keep your closet organized to create a stress free environment for you.


cactusGarment Holder: Cactus
Price: $20

Garment holder: Wall Hook
Price: 2 for $10

Makeshift Closets

Or just add a little assistance: Garment rack
Price: $40

closet-orgGarment Holder: Expandable Closet
Price: 115$

Do It Yourself

This is the end result of a glorious idea to hang jewelry or shoes
You could buy this ladder for $98
Or you could save $30 and DIY
First Step: Buy this ladder for $50
Second Step: Buy this paint for $12
Step Three: Spray the ladder, let it dry, and Ta-Da

Makeshift Dresser

Dresser: Metal Shelf
Price: $50

Corner Dresser: Metal Shelf
Price: $55

Pure Decoration

Personalize you own: Neon Sign
Price: $95

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