Social/Political Attire Fitted for the Movement

January 21, 2017 – I embarked into my first march for something I believe in. It was the women’s march for political and social equality for all genders. I made a sign that stated “stand up for religious freedom,” and my friend had created a sign “keep your politics out of my uterus.” It was a very empowering and emotional experience and I would give anything to be there again. The topics were as broad as healthcare under the affordable care act to reproductive rights. The point of this blog is to shed light on all the political/social movements in our world that remain effected today. Here are some t-shirts I found that help impact different social movements across the globe.


Who: Black Lives Matter
Fiber Content: 100% Cotton
Price: $19.99


Who: Allriot
Fiber Content: 100% Cotton
Social/Political Movement: Awareness on Climate Change
Price: $25.00


Who: Human
Fiber Content: 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon, 50% Polyester
Social/Political Movement: LGBTQI+
Price: Originally $28.00, current sale $19.99


Who: Happy Hippie
Social/Political Movement: Homeless/LGBTQI+ Youth
Price: $24.95


Who: Free The Nipple
Fiber Content: 100% cotton
Social/Political Movement: Women’s Rights & Gender Equality
Price: Pre-Order $34.00


Who: Feminist Apparel
Social/Political Movement: Ending Sexism & Rape Culture
Price: $29.95

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